MIRAGE·XR Community
We invite research and development organisations, institutions, or communities with a clear focus on innovation and impact projects to work with us for upcoming EU and other research grants.
Community of users and developers contribute to the knowledge base that grows alongside MIRAGE·XR.
Free core functionality allows you to experiment with XR training before committing to a budget.
Up-to-date system is maintained by a community of open source contributors.
Latest features
New UI for mobile devices
New flat user interface for mobile and tablet devices with iOS and Android.
Pick and place augmentation
The new Pick and place augmentation which allows the users to flag the real world by an arrow.
GhostTrack aesthetics
New aesthetics for the ghost model in the GhostTrack
Open Source Project
Our approach to XR problem solving is research-led and experimental, focused on industrial research and development. With the MIRAGE·XR COMMUNITY open source platform, we offer a resource to the research and development community, which you can use and build upon.
The open source project infrastructure is supported by XR4ALL
MIRAGE·XR is a holographic authoring and replaying mixed reality tool that can be used to curate and teach details of new and high-value ‘how to’ procedures, fast, in any environment.
Core features
  • Open architecture as an agile testbed, gives early access to trending features and tools.
  • Open standards enable growth of the XR community and the industries it serves.
  • Real-time visualisation and feedback leads to effective and more efficient training, validated by industrial trials.
  • In-situ authoring limits the requirement of expert time and allows for the simplified production of training content.
  • Experiential approach allows training without a human expert, learning by doing.
  • Industry validated through our 3 years pre-development research cycle.
The only GhostTrack solution on the XR training market
Learn knowledge-intensive tasks directly from the luminaries in your field! The MIRAGE·XR GhostTrack technology lets you see the world through the eyes of the experts, stepping into their shoes whilst hearing their step by step advice. With the experts no longer physically present, their performance capture continues to guide your workforce effectively using 4D holographic projection. The integrated experience capture links competence with performance, key in autonomous self-improvement.
Technical Requirements
MIRAGE·XR Enterprise is available on HoloLens 1, HoloLens 2, and on latest Android and iOS hand-held devices.
HoloLens 1
HoloLens 2