The Holographic training platform MIRAGE·XR allows to create step-by-step guidance embedded into physical places, following an original industry-validated training methodology. WEKIT ECS holographic inventions, such as our Holographic Training Platform, use advanced data capture and analytics to measure how well you do, and to overlay what you see, in personalised ways. This can enhance the performance of everyone who uses them.

Authoring tool

An authoring tool for businesses and independent (self-regulated) learners to easily create holographic training content and to use this content.

Data analysis

The Holographic training platform provides visualization and analysis of performance and activity based on the data automatically captured during training for handling training sessions, post reflection and optimisation.

Content repository

The Holographic training platform includes an online repository where businesses and independent (self-regulated) learners can store holographic training content and potentially share selected parts of their content with others, or exchange or sell or license it via a marketplace.



For trainees, an obvious and valuable use of the Platform is step-by-step learning-by-doing, combined with a Holographic Personal Record (a replayable and private ‘light field diary’ of the details of how a trainee is doing). Offering full cycle performance capture and feedback, our platform creates a comprehensive training journey and enhanced learning experience of the user.

Our inventions are not limited to trainees. For example, by adding optional sensors to our holographic system, a company can prepare for operational use of next-generation (AI-based) Performance Support. Using their chosen sensors, plus privacy-respecting analytics, skilled members of operational teams, and their managers, can use new types of sensor to automatically gather and analyse data on every part of their organisation’s daily work, and spot ways to increase operational efficiency and cut waste and improve error rates.

Early users in WEKIT include plane makers and service teams, astronauts, hospitals, and other safety-focused industries. In prospect: the ability to replay holographic records of each stage in a task, for each object being worked on, to add to a team’s capacity for quality assurance and introducing new evidence-based ways of working.


WEKIT ECS is a spin-out company from WEKIT, trading from Spring 2019. Our team has previously worked in tech focused research-industry consortia using previous-gen AR, eg Glass. WEKIT ECS includes multinational expert developers, experience designers, business and intellectual property managers. The WEKIT ECS team has a wide interdisciplinary capacity for delivering in an international collaborative environment, driving production with an agile, product focused approach. Team lead are on point for maintaining the agility of the production process with inputs from the technology lead & business lead.


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