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Augmentations in MirageXR are primitives that comprise the holographic part of the training experience of the user. A trainer can use different types of augmentations to construct the holographic experience, while the trainee perceives them as part of the learning experience.

Editing with augmentations

A tap on the [+] button placed in space near the task station diamond brings up a context menu, which helps add new augmentations from a list of different augmentation types offered. The list has a scroll bar, which can be used to pan the list up and down to access items not visible. Tap-holding on an entry will bring up a short description of what this augmentation type is about.

Augmentations in MirageXR

  • Image
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Ghost
  • Label
  • Action
  • VFX
  • Model
  • Character
  • Pick and place
  • Image marker
  • Plugin